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More health & energy
for you and your employees

Business coaching, seminars & energy work

"No longer just optimizing and functioning, but perceiving and feeling"

Wibke Regenberg


About me

I'm Wibke.

I support companies that put their employees first and want to implement sustainable workplace health promotion. I will help you to reduce your sick leave and stress and accompany you and your employees in staying energetically and mentally healthy. I offer company health-promoting awareness work. You can find out who I am, what I offer and how I work here...

Would you like to reduce sick leave and stress  and increase energy and health in the team? Here are my offers for you:



Conscious & healthy through mindfulness and stress management seminars.


Healthy through coaching. In an individual or group setting.


Consciously healthy leadership. The holistic training for your managers.


Powerful and energetic through medial energy work. For you and your team.

What my participants say

"Dear Wibke, the days with my team and you were very enriching. There was a relaxed atmosphere and after a short time it became very trusting. You made sure of that. You responded to all moods in the team with a lot of empathy and warmth and treated us very individually accompanied us on our way. There was great feedback from all participants, for many it was the best seminar in years. You inspired each and every one of us and brought us much closer together as a team. I can advise every manager to have such a valuable experience with you with his team. Many thanks for the great time!"

"For me, Wibke's mindfulness seminar was one of the most valuable and sustainable training courses in the field of personality development. The content was very well thought out and prepared, with Wibke responding very individually to the group over the two days and setting priorities as needed. I particularly liked the balance between facts/models and a more spiritual perspective on the topics, so that you were allowed to think outside the box. Rarely have I taken so many ideas and concrete to-dos from a seminar that I have actually been able to integrate into my everyday life. Thank you for that and until the second part!”

“Dear Wibke, the night after our coaching, I dreamed in my sleep about the sentence I had written down during the coaching. It felt so good, the sentence gives me such a great inner peace. That was very overwhelming and still is. But the most amazing thing for me is that I haven't had any pain since then. I notice how relaxed my muscles are and that's so beautiful. I am so glad to know you and to be able to untie my inner knots with you. I am very thankful for that. Hugs warmly.”

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