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All seminars can be booked as face-to-face seminars or as online webinars (with a maximum of 12 participants). I designed my training mainly as a 2-day seminar or 6 online modules. If you want something else, please contact me. I will then be happy to create an individual offer for you.

My fee starts at €4,950 plus VAT.

In the case of face-to-face events, travel and accommodation costs are added.


In the mindfulness seminar you learn to perceive the present moment. You pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and body sensations and explore your own "inner life" - without analyzing or evaluating it.


You only observe, perceive everything in you without judgment and learn to accept and communicate these observations on your own responsibility.

You are no longer identified with your thoughts, feelings and physical symptoms, a space of inner stillness and awareness opens up.


This experience noticeably leads to more serenity in everyday life and to more health and self-care.

You will learn how to integrate mindfulness into your professional and private everyday life in a practical way, so that the seminar is sustainable for you.

Does that sound good to you and your employees? Then contact me now and let's discuss everything else:


In the resilience seminar you will learn how to cope with crises, challenging situations and conflicts and how to grow from them.

Youresearched andstrengthen your existing resources in the seminar and discover new onesto.You will get to know integrative mindfulness and relaxation exercises that you can integrate into your everyday life at any time.


In the seminar you will learn about exercises that will give you a new perspective and strengthen your health. This will help you face future stresses with serenity and ease.


In this way you will become more resilient step by step and keep your health, energy and strength in difficult situations in the future.

Would you like an offer? Then feel free to contact me now and let's see together what you and your team need:

coping with stress

In the stress management seminar you will find out what stress is, what stressors there are and how unhealthy stress makes itself felt in the body.In the seminar you will explore your very personal stressors, stress thoughts and beliefs and reformulate them into positive affirmations.

In the seminar you will get to know different relaxation exercises, such as body scan, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation and mental fantasy journeys, which you can implement in everyday life at any time when things get stressful around you again. You will learn to take responsibility for reducing your stress.

With the experience that in most cases you cause the stress yourself, you understand your own authority.

From that point you can stand up for yourself, say no and ultimately make decisions for yourself, your health and self-care.

This is exactly what the seminar is about. Would you like an offer? Contact me now and let's see what you and your employees need:


In the transformation seminar, disagreements and conflicts within a team are transformed into a connected WE feelingconverted.

I explore with you what exactly the conflict is and examine with you your respective personality structures, perspectives and beliefs that have led to the disharmony.

According to the motto"What is, may be. What may be, can change"(Werner Bock) this seminar is about self-responsible acceptance and personal responsibility. Away from guilt and projection towards self-acceptance and self-empowerment.

Together with you, I transform possible misinterpretations and assumptions so that (re)connection can develop within the team.

That sounds interesting and is it exactly what you are looking for for you and your employees? Then contact me now:


Reduce stress and strengthen
mental health in the team.
Get an offer now.

Get in touch now and tell me exactly

what you need for your company.

What my participants say

"For me, Wibke's mindfulness seminar was one of the most valuable and sustainable training courses in the field of personality development. The content was very well thought out and prepared, with Wibke responding very individually to the group over the two days and setting priorities as needed. I particularly liked the balance between facts/models and a more spiritual perspective on the topics, so that you were allowed to think outside the box. Rarely have I taken so many ideas and concrete to-dos from a seminar that I have actually been able to integrate into my everyday life. Thank you for that and until the second part!”

My customers

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