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energy work

I offer my medial energy work exclusively for companies. I can either come to you or work with you online. Both are possible.


The fee depends on the time spent. In the case of energy work on site, there are also travel and, if necessary, accommodation costs.

Feel free to contact me and we can discuss the details.

energy work

If you are open to media energy work, I would be happy to work energetically with you. Mine helps me with thatmediumship.


With the medial energy work I build a bridge from the earthly world to the spiritual world and there I canGet to the bottom of the causes of problems and conflicts on a spiritual (subtle) level and solve them together with you.

This can be the case, for example, with inexplicable conflicts within a team or with high levels of sick leaveor at premisesand placesthat don't really feel good.

But maybe you also have a bad feeling about deals with certain business partners or wonderWhat else you can do to get back into the flow and be more successful in the market.

We can energetically look at all of these issues together and see if this is for your highest good.

Feel free to contact me and we'll see what you're looking for and what you need.

Energiearbeit für Führungskräfte

Du bist eine Führungskraft und bist privat an medialer Energiearbeit interessiert? Möchtest du dir auf energetischer Ebene deinen Blockaden bewusst werden und diese lösen?

Ich habe hier das passende Angebot für dich: Ashara Healing

well-being, energy and
strengthen mental health.
Get an offer now.

Get in touch now and tell me what exactly

you and your employees need.

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