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Annual training for managers

Together with Ulf Kepper I offer an annual training for managers. Ulf takes on the strategic management part, I do the psychological / intrinsic part. We combine our expertise and offer a holistic, very unique leadership training.

We have designed the annual training NEXT LEVEL LEADERSHIP for leadership development with 5 face-to-face modules, plus online coaching and email support.

Feel free to contact me and we can discuss the details.

Annual training

Ulf was a top manager and former board member of an international corporation, had a burnout himself and now works as a consultant and coach on the topic of healthy leadership.

You know my story if you have read about me.

The holistic training with a focus on healthy leadership is indeed unique, as Ulf and I not only bring together our respective professional expertise, but also both can look back on a burnout experience as managers.

We focus on mental health in our training and accompany the managers for a whole year through the following topics:

  • Leadership & Personality

  • Self-organisation & self-leadership

  • Communication & conflict management

  • Staff development

  • Strategy & Leadership Culture

More information about our training click here: Next Level Leadership Training

Next Level Leadership.
The holistic leadership training.
Learn more now.

Contact us now and find out more about this unique leadership training.

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