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Consciousness Coaching

I offer my awareness coaching in the business area in person at my place in the Spreewald, at your site or as online coaching. The coaching can be booked individually or as a group coaching of max. 5 people.

The coaching package of 5 hours in an individual setting is €1,450 plus VAT.

In the case of face-to-face coaching, there are also travel and accommodation costs.

Individual coaching

In the one-on-one coaching, I look at your concern or topic that is currently occupying you. I work with you at eye level, offer you my resonancezability and my skills as a systemic coach and gestalt therapist.


With me you get a counterpart, so to speak, who appreciates you, perceives you and is open to your topics. I am not judging you,  but highlighting the obvious for you (which may not be visible to you right now) and mirroring you so that you recognize it or yourself.


You will feel and sense the right solution for you. And if you still have difficulties with sensing and feeling, this topic will most likely be your concern in a session.

You don't have to be able to do anything in coaching and you don't have to prove anything to me or you. It's more about exploring yourself curiously and lovingly and coming back into your power.

Because when you recognize yourself, your inner voice and your needs, you are with yourself again. You can now take care of yourself and your health. You feel the solution and what to do.

Does that sound more than interesting? Then contact me now and arrange an initial consultation:

group coaching

I offer group coaching for people who either have a conflict with one another or are interested in one of my offerings (mindfulness, resilience, stress management, transformation) and would like to practice this in a small group.

This can either be for individual employees within a team or for managers who work across departments and would like to be coached by me on one of the topics mentioned above. In almost all cases, the first thing to do is to perceive yourself again.

In the coaching you will learn to pause and use mindfulness and relaxation exercises to perceive your thoughts, feelings and body sensations - without analyzing or evaluating them.

You will experience peace and serenity in order to consciously and independently take care of your health. This is just as important for you as a manager as it is for members of a team.

You strengthen yourself, increase your energy, motivation and mental health and develop resilience when things get stressful around you again.

Would you like to find out more? Then feel free to contact me and let's talk:

Reduce sick leave and
strengthen mental health.
Get an offer now.

Get in touch now and tell me exactly

what you need for your company.

What my clients say

“The careful but also demanding individual coaching inspired me. Wibke has perfectly struck the balance between relaxed familiarity and purposeful conversation. This has helped me to engage with this experience to a large extent and to organize some contradictory, indifferent emotional constellations. I was able to recognize some of my patterns - and accept them. An encounter that was enriching and moving in many respects. Many Thanks!"

My customers

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