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My story

I'm Wibke. I work as an awareness coach and support companies that take responsibility for themselves and their employees and want to support them in their mental and psychological health.This is my task. That's why I'm here.


For decades, however, I knew nothing of my true purpose, until a burnout in 2009/2010 lovingly reminded me of itand I completely changed my life as a result. Since then I have been fascinated by light-filled consciousness- and healthprocesses. My own and that of other people - especially in the business context.


We are all in the midst of a shift in consciousness thatcompanies too, of courseand their employeesregards. Now it's about becoming self-aware again and promoting mental health.


No matter whether the management, executives and employees. It's about mental health in the workplace, where roles are no longer in the foreground, but people!


Away from just optimizing and functioning – towards feeling and perceiving.All these qualities can now flow together and work: For more energy, health and connectedness. This is exactly where I support you.

If you would like to know more about me, please have a look at the FAQs, visit my blog HALLO BURNOUT (in German) or listen to my podcast MANAGER IM BURNOUT (in German) that I'm doing together with Ulf Kepper.


my approach

After my own burnout and my great interest in personal developmentI have had a lot of training in recent years: Systematicbusiness coach,Hero tour guide, gestalt therapist, company health manager, media consultant... to name the most important training courses.

I work and work on this basis. I have a gestalt therapy and systemic attitude, I notice noticeable vibrations and resonances and work with them. I accompany you in a systemic-intuitive and light-filled medial-energetic way.

With my fine sense I can open spaces for BEING human. People trust me because I show myself.  I perceive tension, stress and differences and resolve them together with you: For more energy and healthwithin an individual as well as teams.


This is what I mean by awareness work - becoming self-aware and willing to take responsibility for your mental health.

Sometimes it takes courage to do that. That's why I open a trusting, safe and appreciative space so that healing transformation can happen.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your health now, to get into your strength and energy and to live real connection in business?


Then take a look at my offers now.

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